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This paper concerns theoretical and experimental investigations of the effect of a conductor coating on the onset voltage of a corona on overhead transmission-line conductors. The onset voltage for a self-maintained discharge on the basis of discharge physics is evaluated. This calls first for accurate calculation of the electrical field in the vicinity of a coated conductor and its correlation to the field values near a bare conductor of the same radius. The well-known charge simulation technique is used for field calculation.

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The calculated electrical field values are utilized in evaluating the onset voltage of positive and negative coronas on bare and coated conductors. The onset voltage increases with a conductor coating. The calculated onset-voltage values agreed satisfactorily with those measured for laboratory models and full-scale test lines. This site uses cookies. By continuing to use this site you agree to our use of cookies.

High-Voltage Engineering: Theory and Practice

To find out more, see our Privacy and Cookies policy. It is however still necessary to support the high voltage conductors mechanically. For this purpose porcelain and glass have given good service as support or suspension insulators. These insulators then appear parallel to the air insulation that surrounds the bare conductor. The interface between the porcelain or glass and air turns out to be a vulnerable region. In metal clad gas insulated systems GIS , sulphur hexafluoride gas SF6 is used as the main insulating medium.

In addition, solid materials such as porcelain, glass and polymers are also used to support the high voltage conductors.

High Voltage Engineering: Theory And Practice by Mazen Abdel-Salam

Transformers and other equipment use mineral oil, either on its own or in combination with linen or paper. Lightning develops similarly when the build-up of electric charge in the cloud causes field conditions, leading eventually to a massive discharge in the form of a high current to ground.

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More Information. Electrical engineering guides and research studies. Power Network In this book the term high voltage is used as a generic term to include all voltages higher than volts , although the emphasis is on the typical voltage levels used power systems. In a properly designed system the above mentioned insulation systems should be able to perform reliably under normal voltage conditions as well as under abnormal overvoltage conditions.

The main factor that may cause failure of insulation is overstressing , i. Related EEP's content with sponsored links.

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